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  Throughout the history of traditional healing arts in China and East Asian countries, the focus has been on treating the mind, body and spirit as one, with many facets. The concept of Qi (Chi or Ki) as the Vital Energy is at the core of the therapeutic model. Bodywork Therapies of Asia use this knowledge to encourage balance of the Qi. Nutrition and lifestyle factors may be addressed. Many of these methods are practiced by Louisiana Licensed Massage Therapists who have taken specialized training. These modalities include Shiatsu (several types), Tui Na, Anma, Acupressure, and others. The benefits of these types of bodywork include pain relief and facilitation of the body’s own healing abilities. Many clients have experienced relief from long-term chronic imbalances as well as from daily stresses, aches and pains. Most of these therapies are practiced with the client fully clothed with no oils or lotions. A person of any age will benefit from this experience. Most of these methods are designed to be gentle non-invasive while maintaining a high level of effectiveness.

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